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Bay View in Winter

Cormaria Upcoming Events

We have an exciting line-up of Cormaria upcoming events. Take a minute to browse through the events that we have planned.




  • 4–6: Matt Talbot Men #79
  • 7–11: Seminary
  • 11–13: Matt Talbot Men #33
  • 18–20: A.A. Women
  • 25–27: Matt Talbot Men #11
  • 1-3: Matt Talbot Men #44
  • 8-10: Matt Talbot Men #39A
  • 15-17: Matt Talbot Men #39B
  • 29-31: "Once upon a time" - A womens retreat


  • 1–3: Young Adult Workshop: Singles Workshop
  • 8–10: Come to the Quiet: A Contemplative Retreat
  • 15–17: Matt Talbot Men #54
  • 22–24: St. Raymond's Parish Retreat for Women

Wisdom Seekers

A program of input, sharing and prayer focusing on what life teaches us.

*Notice changes in dates

Two Eight-Week Sessions

First Session:  
(8 weeks) Tuesday, January 22nd until Tuesday, March 12th --1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

The Total Fee for Session 1 is $80.00 

Second Session: 
(8 weeks) Tuesday, April 2nd until Tuesday, May 21st--1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

The Total Fee for Session 2 is $80.00 

Please register as soon as possible by calling 631-725-4206.

Try to make a commitment to attend all sessions.

We will be using the book, “The Second Half of Life” by Angeles Arrien.  We will have them available for $10.00. 

Presenter:  Sister Maureen Roe, RSM

Singles Workshop: February 1–3

As singles in the world today, we desire to live life abundantly. During this workshop, we will explore ways to nurture our capacity for intimacy, develop our ability to deal with conflict constructively, and expand our self-awareness and access to our creativity. Let us walk together as we strengthen our resources for this journey!

Please register as soon as possible by calling 631-725-4206.

Fee: $150
Presenter: Sr. Maureen Roe, R.S.M.

Meals lodging and internet access included

Come To The Quiet: A Contemplative Retreat

A silent retreat allowing you to appreciate the stillness of winter and the beauty of nature asleep.

Date: February 8th - 10th

Fee: $225
Presenter: Sister Ann Marino, R.S.H.M.

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